Zgoubi for the New Century

2019 Zgoubi Workshop

August 26-30
Boulder, CO

Registration is open for the Zgoubi Workshop! 
Boulder, Colorado
Hosted by RadiaSoft, LLC.

The goal of the Zgoubi Workshop is to promote the exchange of knowledge about the Zgoubi code. Presentations on important scientific applications will motivate the associated practical tutorials. Bringing together both developers and scientist users allows for coordinated development, leveraging expertise from both groups and resulting in new tools and interfaces having consistent approaches.

The particle tracking code Zgoubi evolved from a tool for modeling spectrometers in 1972 to what it is today: one of the most complete single-particle dynamics codes. Used by labs worldwide for a wide range of particle accelerator modeling tasks, Zgoubi is especially valued for studies of polarization in electron-ion colliders, as well as for studies of the complex dynamics in fixed-field accelerators (FFAs) and medical synchrotrons.

If you are interested in giving a talk or tutorial, please contact us.

Organizing Committee

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